Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Accommodating Lactation in the Workplace

Pregnancy Place Radio - Episode 11 - Continuing to Breastfeed when Returning to Work

Nursing Mother's Council of Oregon joins Pregnancy Place Radio to talk about supporting moms' ability to return to work after maternity leave and still be able to breastfeed. Guest Marion Rice explains how employers can give moms access to the time and space needed to pump milk at work.

Employers and mothers returning to work after childbirth can find help at the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon, a non-profit organization that provides extensive lactation support services. The NMC recently implemented a service to help employers comply with the new requirements. NMC assists with creating on-site lactation spaces, including budgets and plans to accommodate breast milk expression. NMC helps employers develop and communicate appropriate policies, engages companies in fostering a supportive environment through understanding the business case for breastfeeding and providing support, counseling and workplace coaching for breastfeeding mothers returning to work.

For more information on the workplace lactation support service offered by the Nursing Mothers Counsel, contact Marion Rice, 503.708.0707, marionrice@me.com.

The Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon is an all volunteer organization made up of women with breastfeeding experience and training. The NMC provides phone counseling to new mothers, information and support for breastfeeding mothers returning to work or school, prenatal breastfeeding classes for parents, workplace lactation support and breast pumps for rent and purchase.

To speak to a peer counselor regarding any breastfeeding issue, call NMC's helpline:

In Portland: (503) 282-3338
In Vancouver: (360) 750-0656

For more also check out NMC's Facebook Page.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Partnering with Pregnancy Place Radio

You like what you see? and HEAR?

The desire of Pregnancy Place Radio is to provide a medium in which new moms and dads and their support network can hear an actual conversation around the issues that they face. In this effort we also strive to bring tools and resources to the table for our listeners to access.

If you have a product or service that you would like us to promote and feel would be invaluable to new moms and dads, and you would like to either advertise with us or appear on one of our shows...there are multiple ways to be involved with Pregnancy Place Radio. Contact us for more information!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Natural Remedies for First Aid

Pregnancy Place Radio - Episode 9 - An Interview with Naturokits, Co-Founder Padeen Quinn, ND

Have you ever thought about using natural remedies for first aid? Join Karen and Erica as they have guest, Padeen Quinn, ND creator of Naturokits, talk about homeopathy, botanical medicine and flower essences for the bumps, bruises and traumas of everyday life.

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Naturokits - Basic First Aid Kit

A Product Review of Using Naturokits
by Karen

Thank you to Padeen Quinn, ND and Julie Verfurth, ND for introducing Erica and I to your Basic First Aid Naturokit.

We talked with Padeen on today's show and I shared that I had been using the kit at home. For all you listeners...here is a list of the ways in which I have used the remedies in the past couple weeks (and not all of these where my personal injuries or issues - wink, wink!)...

Sprained ankle, allergy attack, oven burn, insect bite, nose-ring piercing, scraped knee, an itchy patch of skin, lip sore, cut finger, calming down after seeing that the cat pee all over the garage, tweaked nerve in shoulder, soreness from pitching 4 innings of baseball, headache, a dog who scratched her ear to the point of bleeding, sunburn and probably more that I forgot to mention...

Here are a few pictures of my kit...

Used the Arnica for all kinds of aches, pains, inflammation, bumps and bruises...

Used the Calendula for a bad oven burn and washing wounds. Crisis Calm for settling nerves before and after a stressful event.

I felt really confident in my ability to treat each instance because of the easy-to-follow materials provided with the kit.

All the remedies in a convenient carrying case...

...that fits great in my purse!!

I did follow their recommendation to add a few items into the kit to have with me. I added cotton balls, tweezers, bandages, toothpick, syringe for irrigation, a couple essential oils (which Padeen explained to me that having the oils near the homeopathics was not the best way to store either of them - so, I took out my oils...benefits of asking the expert!)

I also looked into the price of the kit. You can purchase the entire kit at several local stores in Portland (such as Milagros Boutique) or you can order straight from their website www.naturokits.com. Their cost for the kit is $68...my thoughts went to what would this cost if I bought it separately. Well, I went to a local natural foods market and found the cost to be close to $90 if I bought it all separately (but, these remedies were not locally made and I question their quality compared to the Naturokit).

My overall impressions....on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best) for an essential purchase, I would rate this one as a 5!

Thank you Padeen and Julie for creating this great product!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Review and an Overview

Pregnancy Place Radio - Episode 9 - Our Thoughts on Babies, the Movie and Pregnancy Place Radio

For those wondering what is Pregnancy Place Radio and where we are headed with the show, this episode will give a good overall picture. Karen and Erica talk about how the show began and the purpose we want it to fulfill. Then, we shared our impressions of Babies, The Movie and the inside peak it gave us in raising children in four different cultures around the world.

Here is a link to watch a trailer of Babies, The Movie. Check out www.fandango.com for local listings.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Review of Babies, The Movie

Pregnancy Place Radio - A Review of Babies, The Movie: by Erica Matteson

Whoo-hoo BABIES! I have been waiting to see this movie for months. Watching the trailer, becoming a fan on FaceBook and waiting until I could by a ticket. When Jennifer the owner for Milagros offered a prescreening pass for Thursday night I was quick to change my plans and said I would take it!

The movie opened with two young kids from Namibia grinding grain. It was interesting how universal the way they figured out who was going to play with the plastic water bottle between them.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Tribute Show

Pregnancy Place Radio Episode 8 - Honoring Motherhood at Every Stage

In this episode, Karen and Erica take a moment to honor Mom's in all stages of life, and reveal the Mama Makeover Contest Winner! They share about their own mothers, as well as, their journeys in becoming the mothers they are today. Listen and be encouraged to "Pass along the Positive".

Thank you to all the retailers who contributed to our Mama Makeover Mother's Day Contest! Please check out their sites:

Pulse Salon
For an appointment call: 503.206.9886

by Veronica Lagaspi

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