Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Babies 411 & Twins 101

Pregnancy Place Radio - Episode 61 - Erica's Favorite Picks

(From Karen: I asked Erica to pick her favorite show from 2010, and rebel-that-she-is ;-) here's what she responded with…gotta love her!!!)

I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! I really like the shows with the label "Birth Processing" and "Hospital Birth" because many of my favorites are in there. While looking at all of the shows, though, I think the two I "feel" the most about is:

Twins 101 … because two of my most bestest friends share their voices to the community.

Babies 411 because of Diba Tillary and all the support Nurses give to families under their care.

So there, I picked two! Who says I have to play be the rules :-) There are to many great programs that I would like to bring back to the table. I don't have to because they can be listened to any time in our archives, but to choose my favorite, it's like picking my favorite kid!

Thanks for Listening! Tune in Tuesdays at Noon-Pacific for the next Episode of The Pregnancy Place!


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